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Access Guide For Dublin

  • Fri 01 June, 2012

Dublin City Council is looking to expand its Access Guide for Dublin as part of their aim to make Dublin one of the most accessible cities in the world.
The Access Guide is an online informative tool that provides

  • people with disabilities,
  • their families, friends and carers,
  • parents with young children
  • and older people

with accessible information on venues before they leave their home.

The Access Guide shows businesses and venues in a positive light, in that is illustrates what accessible features and facilities it has, as opposed to what it does
not have. The Access Guide can be viewed by visiting information includes a flyer, and a video (click here) indicating some of
the benefits by joining the Access Guide for Dublin.

What does the process involve?

1.    For a business to join the Access Guide, they can contact DCC at the details
below, or register online on
2.    Dublin City Council will contact the business owner and organise an
3.    Dublin City Council will send out a surveyor to conduct an access review of
your premises and will post your information live on
4.    If the business owner wants, he/she can review the information before it goes
5.    The only thing DCC ask of the business is if they can link their particular
page on to their own website.
6.   We will contact a business every two years to conduct a follow up review of
their premises to see if any updates are required.
7.    In the interim, DCC would encourage business owners to contact us with any
changes or updates to their information, and we will send our surveyor out to
confirm as appropriate.

Is there a cost?

  • No, this is a FREE service offered by Dublin City Council.
  • This is an opportunity for businesses in Dublin to advertise their facilities and services to a unique segment of the market.
  • Dublin City Council will be promoting the guide through the major stakeholder organisations in the country, including, the Irish Wheelchair Association, the National Council for the Blind, Deaf Hear, Age Action, Failte Ireland and many more.

Is this a contractual agreement?

  •  No, a business can choose to have its information taken down from the website at anytime.

If you have any questions or would like to meet to discuss in more detail, please contact  / 01 222 2194.