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Discounted group pricing scheme for card and contactless payments

  • Fri 14 October, 2016


DublinTown has partnered with BOI Payment Acceptance (BOIPA) to offer a discounted group pricing scheme to DublinTown members for card and contactless payments.

BOIPA are the newest and fastest growing cards provider in the Irish market. They are offering all DublinTown members:

  • Discounted group pricing
  • Free engineer installation & staff training with a BOIPA staff engineer
  • Quick and simple switch process
  • A €40 One4All voucher for any business that switches over

 There are many benefits to being able to accept cards and now contactless payments. As well as the convenience and security it offers your customers this system can also mean considerable benefits for your business:

  • Card payments usually result in higher shopping basket sizes
  • Customers can make spontaneous purchases
  • Less cash means lower cash handling expenses / bank fees
  • Card payments lead to simplified administration – the money takes itself to the bank account automatically
To find out more about this scheme or to request a call from a member of the BOIPA team please click here