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Dublin City Council Publishes Pedestrianisation 2020 Report

  • Wed 04 November, 2020

DublinTown welcomes the issuing of the Dublin City Council report on the Grafton Street area trial pedestrianisation. The conclusions recommended are broadly in line with research carried out by DublinTown with the general public and with local businesses, which favours an increased prioritisation of pedestrians within the wider Grafton Street area.

In the context of the serious challenges posed by Covid-19 it has become even more important for businesses that outdoor public space is attractive and welcoming and that local businesses are able to work with DCC in enlivening this space. DublinTown made a detailed submission to Dublin City Council based on feedback from member businesses which clearly outlined both the positives and negatives of the summer pedestrian trials. We believe that DCC need to take this feedback seriously as part of the next phase of implementation.

DublinTown looks forward to working with the City Council, local businesses and all other relevant stakeholders to improve this area and help it realise its huge potential as a destination of choice for both locals and visitors alike.

Click here to view the report.