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DublinTown Kiosks Open late for Culture Night

  • Fri 16 September, 2016
Culture Night returns tonight with a host of different events happening across the city and country. 


In support of this event, DublinTown kiosks will open until 10pm in order to promote the event and DublinTown members.

This is expected to be the largest ever Culture Night with over 260 of the city’s cultural organisations and venues opening their doors to the public. Most of the spots taking part in this event are open all year round. So if you don’t get a chance to see it that night, you can put it on your list of places to visit another night. However, some of the venues are rarely open to the public at night or at all so this is your chance to see what happens behind closed doors.

To find out more about what’s happening in Dublin for Culture Night, pick up a guide from our Ambassadors at the DublinTown kiosks on Westmoreland St, Liffey St, Grafton St and North Earl St or click here