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DublinTown launches renewal proposal and five year plan for Dublin

  • Mon 07 March, 2022

DublinTown, the organisation representing businesses in Dublin’s Business Improvement District, has today (Monday 7th March) launched its renewal proposal and five year plan to improve commercial life in the city.

The Business Improvement District is renewed every five years by a vote of businesses in the district. The vote will be administered by Dublin City Council, which is expected to announce its timing shortly. The strategic business plan launched today sees DublinTown set out what it hopes to achieve if renewed by the vote.

The strategic plan for 2023-27 contains numerous objectives to improve the business landscape in Dublin, including being a proactive and constructive voice on major issues facing the city, such as climate change, encouraging people back to the city following the pandemic and supporting beneficial redevelopments in the city.

Commenting on the launch of the plan, Cól Campbell Family Business Owner, Bewley’s Café Grafton Street and DublinTown Chairman said; “The pandemic period has been incredibly disruptive and difficult for our members. During this time DublinTown has rapidly adapted and responded to the shifting landscape to meet the needs of its members. As we look forward to the next five years, our focus is on repairing the damage done to our city centre by the pandemic and giving businesses a strong voice on the future direction of the city.”

Richard Guiney went on to say; “Our plan includes providing more essential services for the benefit of the business community and their customers. If renewed we will spend €1m on next generation Christmas lights, will represent member interests with external stakeholders, will fully restore our street cleaning services and will re-establish our training and advice for businesses. DublinTown advocates for the city driving and adapting to change, rather than resisting it. In doing this, we will seek to bring key stakeholders together and advocate for all parts of our city working in harmony, from institutions to national and local Government, to businesses and community groups. We are all stakeholders in Dublin’s future and we must all be committed to working hard together for the benefit of all.”

Dublin Town is Dublin city centre’s Business Improvement District. Its role is to improve business within the core city centre, by increasing footfall and market share through initiatives aimed at making the district a more attractive destination in which to shop, socialise, live and work. The BID district stetches from Parnell Street to St. Stephen’s Green. Pre-pandemic it was home to 2,500 mostly consumer facing businesses.

The 186-page document was delivered to Dublin’s City Hall by DublinTown Chief Executive, Richard Guiney.

Click here to view the full document.