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DublinTown Note DCC Announcement On Capel Street Pedestrianisation

  • Wed 27 April, 2022

DublinTown notes the outcome of Dublin City Council’s Central Area Committee meeting today in relation to the proposal to pedestrianise Capel Street this coming May.

DublinTown has received feedback from businesses who feel that their valid concerns on consequences from this trial have had their views overlooked. Businesses on Capel Street and in the wider district have supported a compromise solution that would have worked for the benefit of local businesses and residents alike. DublinTown believes this should have been duly considered and built upon.

There is a need to rebuild confidence between businesses, property owners in the city and Dublin city council as we collectively face challenges to regenerate the city and address issues such as climate change. These challenges will necessitate co-operation between all the relevant stakeholders.

During the Central Area Committee meeting today it was suggested that there needs to be further data collected to properly implement pedestrianisation that works to the benefit of all. DublinTown and member businesses will collect and monitor relevant data in relation to this trial, in this context DublinTown has requested what parameters and KPIs are being applied by Dublin City Council to measure the success of the trial.

At today’s meeting Councilors suggested regular meetings between Dublin City Council, DublinTown and its business members. The KPIs of the trial could form the agenda at these regular meetings.