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DublinTown reaction to the Bus Connects project

  • Gerard Farrell
  • Tue 12 June, 2018

Proposals were launched today by the National Transport Authority (NTA) which outline plans for the construction of 230km of expanded bus lanes and 200km of cycle lanes over the next ten years. This project has been launched under the title of “Bus Connects” and further information on the specifics of the plan can be found here.

DublinTown welcomes the proposed improvement worth €2 billion towards bus and other services for the city centre and we remain convinced that the solution to Dublin’s traffic congestion is significant investment in public transport and other sustainable modes of travel. However, we would express concerns about the ability to deliver the proposals within a reasonable time-frame. The proposals which include Compulsory Purchase Orders (CPOs), removal of on- street parking, removal of trees etc. could affect up to 1,300 residents and suburban businesses and we believe that this will involve significant time delays to reach agreement with the relevant property owners and other affected parties.

Similarly the plan calls for significant interventions such as a widening of key routes and junctions to accommodate the new scheme and significant changes to traffic access and routes.  From the plans launched today there does not appear to be sufficient interconnection between the proposed routes allowing for the development of a more integrated network. While we accept that there will be subsequent proposals advocating increased networking of buses at this stage we are not in a position to form an opinion on the adequacy of the proposals.

There appears to be insufficient specific information to draw definite conclusions but we remain to be convinced about the timely deliver-ability of this project.