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DublinTown Update On Sandwich Board Tax

  • Thu 05 September, 2019

As of September 1st, Dublin City Council has brought in new regulations in relation to the placement of sandwich boards/advertising boards on city streets. Businesses are now required to apply for a licence from the Council for these boards at significant cost. More detail about this process can be found on the Council’s website here, with a guide to lodging applications available here.

DublinTown believes the fees being charged (a basic annual free of €630 with application fees and other significant costs for plans and designs) are excessive and have communicated this position strongly prior to the introduction of the new licencing. DublinTown has made media comment on this issue calling on changes from Dublin City Council, this has appeared on radio (FM104, 98fm, Q102 etc.) and in national and local newspapers and online.

Furthermore the City Council have since advised that they are issuing a blanket ban on any sandwich boards in any areas which fall under special planning controls or are part of architectural conservation areas (ACA). This includes areas such as O’Connell Street, Westmoreland Street, Grafton Street, Drury Street, South William Street, Capel Street and many more. Detailed maps of the locations impacted can be seen here.

DublinTown has received queries from members regarding the status of A-boards that are placed on private property such as cellar covers and private landings. These boards are not subject to the licence fee but Dublin City Council has insisted that planning permission is still required and have asked businesses to email