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DublinTown Urges Clarity On Changes To Employer Top-Up of €203

  • Fri 20 March, 2020



Dear Member,

There has been some recent confusion around the government scheme that allows employers to pay €203 to employees rather than have them collect social welfare. While originally it was stated this payment could be used to “top up” a living wage, that position has since been reversed.

Without the top up employees will not be able to meet accommodation and other basic needs, while the state will still pay the same €203 per week. We are genuinely struggling to understand the logic of the change in the scheme rules.

Businesses have closed and therefore have no income coming in. However, many business owners wish to do the best they can for their employees. This means using reserves that they may have built up but also personal savings to help tie employees over.

Skills and experience have been built up over many years that will be required when it is safe to re-commence trade. If employees are forced to take alternative employments these skills may be lost to the business and will make the return to trade more difficult. Indeed, if employees are forced to leave Dublin, the skills will be lost for good to the Irish economy.

The U-turn on this scheme is in stark contrast to leadership shown by Government and state bodies to date. Up to know despite all the difficulties the Government has been universally praised for its handling of the crisis. We would strongly urge a rethink of the policy adopted and allow businesses to use the €203 as a contribution to a living wage where required. The current proposal may well fail many employees and leave them unable to make ends meet but with little or no saving to the state.

DublinTown will continue to lobby to change this policy.

Kind Regards,
Your DublinTown Team.