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End Of Year Update On Dublin Port Cruise Ships

  • Tue 17 December, 2019

As 2019 draws to a close, the last of the cruise ships for this year has arrived in port.

This year 151 ships arrived into the Dublin Port, carrying passengers and crew of nearly 300,000 people. These visitors go sightseeing, shop and stay in Dublin –  a benefit of over €50 million to Dublin City.

Pictured is DublinTown Ambassador Supervisor Vincent Kearns in front of the Marco Polo, docked at berth 33.

Our DublinTown Ambassador teams are the only allowed people on-board the ships in the docks to give information and provide recommendations for city centre businesses. Each morning they board the cruise ships and speak to all the visitors about places to see and shop in Dublin City Centre, ensuring a better experience for the visitors.

Additionally, our DublinTown Ambassadors at the Information Kiosks located in our District meet countless people looking for guidance on things to see and do.

This year has seen DublinTown actively campaign for the continued presence of international Cruise Ships visiting Dublin. It was announced that Dublin Port planned to cap the number of cruise ships that can dock at 160 for this year and 140 in 2020. Between 2021 and 2023 Dublin Port will limit the number to around 80 – after which it will start expanding capacity again. While Dublin Port have been central to increasing Dublin’s hospitality offering, the reduction of access for cruise ships will have a knock-on impact on local hospitality, retail and ad-hoc spending. DublinTown is preparing a detailed submission for the public consultation on the future of cruise tourism to Dublin Port (click here for details) and values member feedback.

DublinTown will continue to promote the city as a place to visit and ensure that those who arrive on our shores have the best experience possible.