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Gardai Retail Advisory On Card Payments Where Card Is Not Present

  • Mon 04 November, 2019

Following a recent increase in credit/debit card related fraud at retail premises in north County Dublin; Gardaí are appealing to retailers to make their staff aware of potential fraudulent behaviour.

Over the past number of days in the Balbriggan area alone there has been five incidents reported to Gardaí of credit card related fraud. These incidents involve customers using cards with either just card details and no card present, or a card has been present but has passed its expiry date. In some cases these individuals have used these cards for cashback. It appears that card details are being entered into the system without establishing that the cards are compromised.

As the busy shopping period approaches Gardaí is advising retailers to be extra vigilant with regard to suspicious credit card use, especially if an individual attempts to use a number of failing cards or card details one after another for cashback.