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Give Your Feedback On The Liffey Quays Cycling Plan

  • Thu 26 March, 2015
Dublin City Council is seeking feedback on its plans to provide an off-road cycle route along the River Liffey.

There are four proposed options that are detailed below. We believe it is important to improve the cycling infrastructure within the city while also ensuring that easy access for car parks that are fed off the city quays remain and that crucial public transport such as the quality bus corridors can continue to run smoothly.

Please complete the survey before the closing date of April 17th.


liffey-cycle-option-1Option 1

A two-way route along the north quays. This would not see a reduction in the number of traffic lanes but a new section of boardwalk would be needed between Arran and Ellis Quay.






Option 2

A two-way route on the north quays with buses re-routed to a new public transport corridor on Benburb St (between Heuston Station and Ellis Quay).





liffey-cycle-option-3Option 3

A two-way north quays route with buses rerouted to the north of the Croppy Acre which would be extended down towards the Liffey.






Option 4

A one-way route on each side of the Liffey. The cycle tracks would be alongside the buildings and bus and general traffic would not be effected.





If you’d like to see the options in person, there are info stands at Civic Offices on Wood Quay, Dublin 8, the Central (Ilac) Library and Dublin City Library & Archive, 138-144 Pearse Street.

The Council will use this feedback to select a preferred route option. The preferred route will be subject to statutory consultation and planning processes.

Detailed drawings for Section A (Between Heuston Station and Church St), Section B (Church St to Memorial Rd) and Section C (Memorial Rd to The Point) can be viewed below:


Please Give Your Feedback Here.


Content taken from Cycling in Dublin