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Grafton Street Area – Weekend Pedestrianisation Trial

  • Tue 21 July, 2020

Dublin City Council in conjunction with the National Transport Authority have implemented a Covid-19 mobility programme. This is to accommodate changed transport patterns and provide more space for pedestrians during the weekend to encourage shopping and enjoyment in the city centre.

To provide more space for pedestrians during the weekend to socially distance, a number of streets around Grafton Street will be closed to vehicular traffic for four weekends from Saturday 25th of July from 11:00 – 19:00.

DublinTown does not believe this goes far enough for the needs of the area as it should be extended into the early evening. KPIs for a successful trial should be known and agreed, as well as the impact this will have on mid-week trade.

The locations are:

  • Anne Street South from the junction of Dawson StreetDuke Street from the junction of Dawson Street
  • South William Street from the Brown Thomas carpark exit to Chatham Row
  • Drury Street from Fade Street to the Drury Street carpark
  • Dame Court From Exchequer street

All existing footpaths are to remain clear from street furniture and obstructions. Access for emergency vehicles will be maintained at all times. Some businesses have applied for temporary seating on the carriageway during the hours of the closures.

Click here for more information on the background of this trial.

Travel information

Disabled Parking Bays

Five disabled parking bays will be moved to alternative locations during the times of the trials. The three disabled parking bays on Drury Street and the one disabled parking bay on Dame Court will be moved to Exchequer Street. The disabled parking bay on South Anne Street will be moved to Molesworth Street.


Cyclists will be able to access the cycle parking at Drury Street carpark, entering via Drury Street and existing via Fade Street.

Public Transport

Public transport will operate as normal.


Loading will be facilitated until 11am Saturday and Sunday.


On street parking will be suspended on Anne Street South, Drury Street and Dame Court during the hours of the closure. Parking has been already been suspended on South William Street. The disabled bay on Anne Street South will be relocated to Molesworth Street. Access to the disabled bay spaces on Drury Street will be facilitated via Exchequer Street as per the access to the Drury Street carpark.

Access to all public carparks will remain.

  • Druy Street carpark (Park Rite) – enter via Drury Street, exit via Fade Street
  • Drury Street car park – entry during the street closure will be via Exchequer street. Signage will be in place to direct vehicles to the Exchequer street. Exit will also be via Exchequer street.
  • Brown Thomas carpark – exit will be via a left turn onto South William Street and exit the area via Clarendon Street.


No taxi ranks will be affected


Please email should you have any concerns or comments regarding this proposal.