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Harbour Court Closure

  • Fri 12 January, 2024

DublinTown agrees with the recent decision made by Dublin City Council to close general access to Harbour Court in the immediate term. The lane has been prone to anti-social behaviour and has not been used as a public access route for some time. DublinTown will work with all relevant stakeholders to consider and develop sustainable strategies that would enable the lane to be brought back into more engaged use over time. However, we believe that the gating of the lane will provide an opportunity to address some of the current challenges faced in the general area.

More widely, DublinTown continues to engage with members and other key stakeholders, most notably Dublin City Council, in relation to other lanes within the Dublin One area. These discussions are informed by the overall vision of the Dublin One project. The Dublin One project was undertaken by DublinTown, Dublin City Council together with the American Institute of Architects and considered the future of the city’s northern commercial core. The trends predicted through the process have proven prescient, meaning that the plan provides a reliable blueprint for the future progress of the district in the post pandemic environment.

One element of the Dublin One project is the Laneway Strategy. This work which was commissioned by Dublin City Council from Sean Harrington Architects considers a number of constructive uses of laneways in the Dublin One area. Work has progressed in relation to some relevant laneways. There will be logistical considerations to be addressed and resolved in realising the overall vision as outlined, however, there is a determination to achieve this.

Coles Lane

Over the last 3 months DCC have delivered 3 family activations which helped animate the lane and give people walking through it on their way to the ILAC centre and Dunnes a positive and fun experience. This positive experience extends to the adjacent Henry Street District. These activations are in the context of the longer term enhancement of the laneway. To this end discussions are progressing between Dublin City Council and local business interests with a view to implementing an agreed vision for the lane.

Talbot Lane

DublinTown and Dublin City Council have discussed the future development of the Talbot Street district. The district has challenges but also has key strengths, in particular, its arts offer. Talbot Lane which connects Talbot Street to Marlborough Place can perform a crucial role in improving permeability in the district, connecting the Luas stop on Marlborough Street more directly with Talbot Street. Preliminary discussions have taken place with local interests, Dublin City Council and DublinTown as to how the district can achieve its potential. The enhancement of Talbot Lane will have a strategic role to play in this.

North Lotts

Similarly, discussions have taken place with interests backing onto North Lotts. With the enhancement of the adjacent Liffey Street and in particular with the creation of a plaza space on Liffey Street Upper, there is scope for creating a more engaging environment on North Lotts, turning it from a lane facing the back of buildings to one where there is more active uses. Discussions are still at an early stage, however, as the enhancement works are completed on Liffey Street, the opportunities for North Lotts will become increasingly clear.