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Jervis Two-Way Trial

  • Fri 07 October, 2022

Dublin City Council will soon conduct a trial that makes part of Jervis Street two-way between the carparks and Strand Street Great to help alleviate traffic congestion in the area.

This will allow carpark users heading southbound to travel south on Jervis Street, right onto Strand Street Great and left onto the bottom section of Capel Street which is still open to traffic.

Before this layout is decided to be permanently installed – it is proposed to carry out a trial of the section between the Jervis carpark and Strand Street Great.

Phase 1: Jervis Street carpark (APCOA) 2-way to Strand Street Great. Trial under traffic management from Monday the 10th of October. If this is successful it will remain in place.

Click here to see a larger version.

There is potential for a further Phase 2 from the Jervis Street Shopping centre carpark also to Strand Street Great. This section is more complex due to the Luas junction at Abbey Street. Dublin City Council are working with Transport Infrastructure Ireland regarding the Luas junction.

The outcome of Phase 1 will also determine if this is feasible. For any queries please email