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Outcome of The Review of The Christmas Market on St. Stephen’s Green

  • Thu 19 February, 2015
Feedback on the Christmas market at St. Stephen’s Green

The objective of the market on St. Stephen’s Green was to drive increased footfall in to the city centre and enhance the festive season experience. We believe the market delivered on both. Footfall was significantly up in the Grafton Street area over the Christmas period. 39% of attendees at the market were there with their families. 37% came with friends. The city has being struggling to attract families and it would appear that the market significantly assisted us in reaching out to families again.

As with all initiatives we will consider each aspect of the market and its operation and will seek to improve the customer experience for future years. To this end we have assessed public reaction through an independent survey. We have also assessed business opinions through a survey and at district meetings. As with all initiatives and activities there is room for improvement and we will learn from the experience of the first year of the market. There is scope for additional crafts to be sold at the market and also additional Irish foods. For safety purposes the food stalls were located at the entrance to the market and it would be useful to consider how such stalls could be spread out better in future.

80% of businesses who replied to our survey of members believed that the market was good for the city and wish to see it back in 2015 and beyond. This view was echoed at local district meetings.

Like many initiatives, it was never likely that the market proposal would have unanimous support. However, it has always enjoyed the overwhelming support of businesses. At the requests of restaurants in the districts it was decided to sell restaurant vouchers at the market. €11,200 worth were sold.


Public Reaction

The public also warmed to the market. In total 726,600 people visited the market during the Christmas period. This considerably exceeded our

Of 433 people surveyed by us in the first week at the Christmas Market:

  • 100% of respondents said the Market was good for the city;
  • 87% said that the market would persuade them to shop in the city centre over the Christmas period
  • 84% said they would visit the market again before it closes;
  • 99% said that they would like to see the market return again in 2015


In the final week of the market similar results were found during an independent survey conducted by Millward Browne, the results of which are noted below.

Results of the Millward Browne Survey, after don’t knows are excluded:

  • 100% said that the market was good for Dublin
  • 94% said that the market would persuade them to shop in Dublin city centre as opposed to the shopping centres on the M50 ring. (this was the primary purpose for undertaking the market).
  • 97% said that they would like to see the market return in 2015.


The strength of the Dublin at Christmas promotion was acknowledged in an article in the New York Times. Two episodes of Xpose were filmed from the market and RTE featured it on Nation Wide.

The market went through the statutory process. The Gardai and Dublin City Council’s traffic department noted that it had no adverse impact on traffic flows in the city. As an organisation DublinTown had no financial interest in it. Our interest in the market was for it to increase footfall during the all-important Christmas period, which it did successfully.

A number of serious concerns were raised in connection with the market situated on Henry Street and Dublin Town will continue to raise these with Dublin City Council.

Based on the successful outcome of this year’s market on St. Stephen’s Green it is proposed that we will seek for it to return again in 2015. If businesses within the Business Improvement District would like to become involved in the market we would welcome their expressions of interest which we will convey to the market operators. We are also interested in continuous feedback as to how the market could be improved and how the customer experience can be enhanced.