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Pallet Collection and Bonfires

  • Fri 06 October, 2023

Dublin City Council is calling on business owners and residents not to leave waste or material that can be used for building bonfires in sight, or in accessible locations.

Businesses who receive deliveries on wooden pallets should be aware that there have been ongoing issues with logistics companies – namely leaving pallets on public streets and back lanes.

Pallets have already begun to be collected and used for bonfires in the city centre area laneways.

Business owners and residents are reminded that you are responsible for your waste and if it is found not to have been disposed of correctly, you could be held liable. We would ask all members to highlight this issue to their delivery partners and ensure that all pallets are removed after deliveries are completed.

The public is reminded that if you see waste being left out, being collected, or if you know of a stockpile, please ring Dublin City Council on 222 2222 or contact Citizen Hub on