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Plato Business Development Programme Commencing April 2015

  • Fri 13 March, 2015

PLATO is a non-profit initiative funded by the four Dublin Local Enterprise Offices and dedicated to the successful development of the small and medium enterprise (SME) sector in the Dublin region.

PLATO offers owner managers a business support forum where they can tackle the challenges and issues of today’s business world. Through a unique partnership with large “parent” companies, PLATO creates a confidential and safe environment where SMEs can benefit from facilitated group learning, business counselling and support so that you acquire the skills necessary to help  your business grow and prosper. It provides an environment for owner managers to learn from one another and share their experiences at a monthly meeting for 18 months – facilitated by large company Managers from Ericsson, Diageo, Microsoft, Pfizer etc.

PLATO encourages participants to share experiences and resources, to stimulate new ideas, and to support each other as they make strategic decisions that determine how their businesses will grow. It also provides access to training activities, business linkages, trade fairs and networking events. Membership of the PLATO programme is open to companies in all areas of commercial activity.

Some companies are celebrating their seventeenth year of productive and active participation in the network! Membership of the local PLATO group gives access to the wider PLATO Ireland Network and the dynamic 9,000 member European PLATO Network.

The cost of the 18 month programme is 33 euro per meeting – 600 euros for 18 meetings. To be eligible for this programme you must be 2 years or more in business with 2 or more employees.

If  you might be interested in joining this group please email Marion Walshe at or on 0868234309. For further details go to or click here for the brochure.