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Reminder: Capel Street Pedestrianisation Consultation

  • Wed 23 March, 2022

Following trials that ran from June to October 2021, Dublin City Council is now engaged in a further consultation with a view to creating a traffic free environment on the street from May.

You have until April 4th 2022 to make your views on this known.

This consultation is looking to seek people’s views on this proposal and in particular on:

  • How this proposal will affect you
  • If you have any suggestions to further improve the proposal
  • If you have any concerns on the proposal

We encourage all members to lodge a submission and to make their views known. There are a variety of views on this subject but DublinTown believes that there were is a workable compromise solution to be found. We will continue to advocate for a compromise that works best for most members.

It is imperative that we progress together and that we enable all sectors of city’s business community to return to more normalised levels of trade. Pre-pandemic cross sectoral trade served members in both retail and hospitality well and recreating this core strength will allow us regain the footfall that we all require.

This is something that we believe is achievable with a little imagination and good will.

Click here for related maps, reports and to submit your own feedback.