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Snow & Ice removal in Dublin last week

  • Gerard Farrell
  • Tue 06 March, 2018

DublinTown response to severe weather conditions in Dublin City Centre

The recent extreme cold weather, combined with the arrival of Storm Emma last week, created some of the worst weather conditions in the history of the State and represented the first significant heavy snowfalls in the city since the winter of 2010/11.

DublinTown working with Dublin City Council (DCC), an Garda Siochána and other key city stakeholders responded to these events as part of an agreed coordinated response put together during the last extreme cold weather event in 2010. DublinTown’s own teams and cleaning crews removed snow and ice and spread salt and grit while we also engaged specialist contractors to attend to the areas agreed to under the wider city plan.These areas were mostly secondary and side streets with DCC tasked with attending to the major city streets.

During the period of the cold weather DublinTown’s contractors used approximately 3,450 kgs of salt on the streets and footpaths and removed an estimated 35 tonnes of snow.

DublinTown CEO Richard Guiney was also involved in daily conference calls with DCC, Gardaí and transport providers to coordinate the response and highlight the needs of businesses during this difficult time.

We are keen to work with businesses to promote them and their districts and to attract back customers who could not get into the city during the heavy snow. Please feel free to contact the office on 01-6334680 or email