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Statement: DublinTown Seeks Assurance On Long Term Garda Visibility

  • Thu 18 January, 2024

DublinTown has today engaged with senior Gardaí amid concerns over Garda visibility in the capital – following reports around the ending of a Government initiative last August which put more officers on the streets.

We are also concerned about the closure of Operation Citizen – which targets street dealing and antisocial behaviour in central Dublin. Discussions today centred on the positive impact of the increased presence before Christmas and the importance of maintaining it.

DublinTown has been assured high visibility policing will continue, although Gardaí will not be called in from outside the capital.

Commenting to the media, CEO Richard Guiney said that the enhanced Government funding provided for high visibility policing in the city centre and should be maintained:

“Not to maintain it would be wrong and short-sighted and would have the capacity to reduce confidence in an area critical to the national economy and Ireland’s international reputation.

“Following the riots of November 23, the situation returned to normal quickly. An increased number of Gardaí facilitated a lot of good work across many sectors to reduce the potential for crime and public disorder.

“Justice Minister McEntee should ensure the number of Gardaí assigned to Dublin City centre remains above pre-November levels, at least. Reducing Garda numbers now has the potential to reduce confidence in Dublin City centre.”

Working with businesses, DublinTown will continue to do all it can to ensure the city centre is as safe and welcoming as it can be.