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Street Performers Voluntary Code of Conduct

  • Wed 01 August, 2012

Below you will find the Press Release from BID in reponose to the launch of the Street Performers Voluntary Code of Conduct, launched today by Dublin City Council. Please click here to read the code of conduct.

Dublin City BID welcomes new Street Performance Code
Dublin City Business Improvement District (BID), the representative body for 2,500 businesses in the city centre, has welcomed the voluntary code of practice for Dublin’s Street Performers introduced by Dublin City Council today.

Speaking on behalf of BID, CEO Richard Guiney said: ‘Most Dublin businesses support busking on the capital’s streets, as it brings colour and excitement to the city streets, differentiating it from other locations.

However issues have arisen with busking around the city, most notably in relation to the inappropriate use of amplifiers by a small minority of performers. Loud amplification interferes with the day to day running of a business as it can be a deterrent to shoppers and can impact upon footfall. Problems can also be created with large crowds gathering in particular areas, causing obstructions and restricting access.
No one wants to see buskers banned from the city but street performers must respect the rights of businesses to trade.

The BID welcomes the introduction of this voluntary code of practice and trial period, and we look forward to working with Dublin City Council to make this initiative a success.’


There will be a 3 month trial period of the code of conduct.If you are experiencing any issues please contact us here in the office on 01 633 4680 / so that we can take the appropriate action.