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Strong Endorsement for Dublin City Business Improvement District (BID)

  • Wed 18 July, 2012

The official count of the BID renewal ballot has now taken place and is finished. We are delighted to announce a positive result.

The results are as follows;

Overall 1607 ballots were cast – 1063 cast in our favour and 511 No votes. The BID has been renewed by more than a 2:1 majority.

The Dublin City BID is your organisation and we are proud that the such a majority of businesses have given us the opportunity to serve you all for five more years.
The implementation of our new plan starts now.

We would most sincerely like to thank you all for your efforts and support in helping to return a positive result.

Dublin city centre is at a positive tipping point, and working together we can now drive forward with making it a better city for all.

Your Dublin City BID Team


Read the full press release here.