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Waste Collection in Dublin City Centre

  • Thu 10 January, 2013

In January of 2011, Greyhound waste won the tender for waste collection in Dublin City Centre. Prior to this time Dublin City Council had provided a waste collection service for businesses and residents in the city centre, this responsibility now passed to Greyhound with Dublin City Council remaining in charge of waste collection bye-laws and enforcement.
We have received a number of complaints regarding the service of waste over the last 12 months with lack of communication with customers, missed and late collections of waste amongst other issues.
Greyhound sold the commercial waste section of this business to Panda but remain responsible for the collection of domestic waste from apartments in the city centre. Because of this streets which have a lot of apartments close-by (such as Capel Street and South Great George’s Street) have been experiencing continued problems with non-collected waste on the street, burst bags, vermin and other litter issues which damage the impression of the street.
Dublin City BID in response to requests for assistance from our members is taking the following actions to address this problem:
 Dublin City BID cleaning crews have removed over 200 bags from city streets when collections have been missed. These bags are stored in our cleaners lock-up and are collected at a later date by waste collection companies. Also numbers of illegally dumped bags which had no proper bin tags have been delivered to City Council waste depots for the attention of the litter wardens. This is on-going in all problem areas.
 Leaflet drops have been arranged for Capel Street and South Great George’s Street apartments. All residents have been advised in writing by Dublin City BID of the correct times that waste may be collected and how it should be presented on-street.
 Dublin City BID have met with the heads of Dublin City Council waste management to lobby for greater enforcement and regulatory measure to be taken by Dublin City Council. Dublin City Council is responsible for regulation of waste collection and waste control bye-laws in Dublin City Centre.
 Dublin City BID continues to lobby City Councillors to push for immediate changes in enforcement and regulation of waste collection in the city centre so as to eliminate the current problems. At present the Waste collection bye-laws are under review and should be strengthened shortly.
 Dublin City BID is investigating ways in which a pilot group waste scheme could be launched in the city. Similar schemes have proved to be highly successful in the UK and have generated significant savings for BID members. It has also helped to eliminate the type of problems with uncollected and untagged waste that Dublin is currently experiencing. To further this scheme we have met with a number of waste collection companies, surveyed local businesses to ascertain their waste collection needs and are working with a third party to manage the scheme. This is a work in progress and we want to make sure we meet the needs of our members before any scheme is launched.

We will keep you up to date with all developments as things progress